Who is Galapagos?

We are a biotechnology company that is dedicated to developing treatments for medical conditions that have the potential to change people’s lives. We see each clinical trial as a key milestone on this journey.

Our novel approach

Through the discovery of proteins that play a role in medical conditions, we can develop specific treatments that address the course of the medical condition itself, rather than just the symptoms. Hear about how this novel approach is used in practice and applied to medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

GL-NA-NA-202105-00001, May 2021

Three steps, unlimited possibilities

Understanding the true physical and emotional burden of medical conditions fuels our ambition to bring life-changing treatments to the people who need them most. To achieve this we use our innovative three-step approach. 

Worldwide reach

We have ongoing clinical studies, including those in inflammation and fibrosis, taking place in six continents across the world.

If you are an investigator and interested in working with Galapagos, please contact us.