If you think this clinical trial could be appropriate for you and you are interested in taking part, you should follow these steps:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

If you have searched for a clinical trial but haven’t found one that is suitable, you can speak to your doctor who can search for a trial or discuss suitable next steps. There are also specific patient association websites that can help you understand more about your condition, ideas on how to manage it and also provide you with a network of others that have the same condition. There are often both global and local versions of these websites and these can be found by searching online.

Please be aware that Galapagos sponsored clinical studies are carried out by independent organizations and professionals, and Galapagos is not involved in the recruitment of patients or participants into clinical studies.

For enquiries about clinical study participation please talk to your doctor who can contact the closest study site for you. If you are still unable to find your answer to your question about a Galapagos run clinical trial, please contact medicalinfo@glpg.com. If you are participating in a Galapagos-sponsored trial and need medical advice, or have medical questions, please contact your trial site/trial doctor directly.